Leadership Advisory Services

We have a long track record of working with private equity investors and their management teams to help them minimise risk, drive superior performance and increase business value.

Our private equity clients look to us for support with the critical people and organisational issues their investments may face. We offer insight into some or all of the following points:

  • How strong is the management team and can they deliver the investment thesis?
  • How will they cope with increased pressure, greater complexity and significant change?
  • What are the keys risks and how should they be dealt with?
  • How do we retain key individuals and support them through the life of the deal?
  • Is the organisation structured in a way that will deliver the business plan?
  • Is the Board adding value?

Our consulting engagements typically range from pre- and post-deal management due diligence through to support with team selection and development, as well as preparing businesses and management team for exit.

We offer our services internationally, spanning all sectors.