Board Practice

We provide a range of services to help investors ensure that they have the right Board for each portfolio company.

IPO Readiness
We work for our private equity clients to help them prepare companies for listing.  We understand the governance and people factors that make companies attractive in a listed environment. Our rigorous approach to candidate selection ensures that we find the complementary mix of experience and specialist skills required for public company governance.

Restructuring Situations
We work with investors in restructuring situations involving multiple private shareholders and debtholders. Our role is not only to advise on board composition but also to manage information flows within the group and to facilitate effective decision-making.

Board Effectiveness
We conduct reviews on existing boards, benchmarking them against best practice in listed and private equity-backed companies. We identify what they are doing well, how and where they could improve at both individual member and group level, and support them in building more productive links and relationships with the executive team.