Working with a large-cap global fund to provide pre-deal advice around a potential acquisition


To provide advisory pre-deal support for a large cap global private equity fund on a potential acquisition of a luxury travel company and bespoke tour operator. The potential investor required a professional understanding of the sub-sector in order to assess the key risks and opportunities of the deal, with a focus on gaining specific insight into the US travel market as a priority.


We undertook research to establish the target business’ main competitors and the market leading aspirational companies. We then interviewed a selection of key executives with experience of the identified businesses, using the insight provided to analyse the high-end global travel market, relaying relevant intelligence and angles back to the fund. We also introduced the fund to three potential advisors, all of whom had CEO experience in renowned international travel operators.  One of them had particularly relevant experience of the US market, having successfully established US operations for a UK-based luxury operator.


The fund retained an advisor we introduced to actively work with it as part of the deal team. He was a potential Non-Executive Director candidate should our client have been the successful bidder.