Helping a large-cap fund improve their market knowledge ahead of a multi-asset auction in Europe


To help a large-cap private equity fund improve their understanding of the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) market ahead of the sale of three significant Europe-headquartered assets. We were brought in to conduct due diligence on the commercial and strategic aspects of one target in more detail, and to identify an Operating Partner for the fund to work with in this sector and the broader business services market globally.


Using our existing network, we spoke to around 100 top management from the main global, and European, public and private-equity backed TIC businesses and met with over 50 members of management. Our aim was to identify advisers that would meet the fund directly and that could help us answer the fund’s key concerns/questions and to build out our commentary around the TIC segment.


Over a three-month period, and though multiple iterations of questions, we provided detailed due diligence on the commercial and strategic aspects of the target asset. In addition, our client now has an exceptional network in the TIC space and we sourced a former-FTSE 100 CEO as an Operating Partner for the firm.